306 Snapwords® Teaching Cards - B001BEZDMO

306 Snapwords® Teaching Cards - B001BEZDMO
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  • Perfect for sentence-building, sentence or phrase unscramble, or review

  • The 306 SnapWords Teaching Kit includes all 220 Dolch words and other high-frequency words taken from Fry and Fountas & Pinnell lists of words.

  • Snapwords Teaching Cards are 5.5" x 4.25"

  • Includes the following books: SnapWords Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences, for practicing sight words in context

  • Ability levels include Preschool through Third Grade and remedial.

  • You are looking for something that will help your child learn and remember sight words. Maybe dyslexia is the issue, or ADHD, or autism, or maybe you have a visual learner who struggles with learning sight words. The 306 Teaching Cards Kit is heart of sight word kits, not only because of the words included, but because of the super effective multisensory learning tools utilized.
    SnapWords Cards are essentials for children who struggle to sound out words, who can't remember words they have studied, who find reading tedious and slow, or who don't have good reading comprehension. SnapWords make it easy for children to recognize words instantly and help them comprehend what they read. Start today and see the difference.
    The images embedded into each word help children learn words as easily as a camera snapping a picture. The reverse of each card displays the plain word without a visual and describes a body motion for the word - a necessary tool for many different learning types including kinesthetic learners and children with dyslexia. In addition, a sentence using the word and coordinating with the visual on the front of the card focuses children's attention on the meaning of the word and how it is used in everyday communication.
    This Kit now contains 332 high-frequency sight words, including all 220 Dolch words and other high frequency words taken from Fry Lists of Words. Ability levels include Preschool through Third Grade and remedial.
    Flash cards are 5.5" x 4.25"
    - Lists A-E Numbers & Colors
    - FREE Days, Months, & Seasons Teaching Cards
    - FREE SnapWords Mini-Lessons, and
    - FREE Sight Words in Sentences for practice in reading sight words in context.

    306 Snapwords® Teaching Cards - B001BEZDMO

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